Soblet Family Tree

Descendants of Abraham Soblet and Susanne Briant (of Sedan, France)
    1. Pierre Louis Soblet (born August 15, 1695, Wesel, Germany; died December 24, 1754, Cumberland County, Virginia) married Marte Martain.
     6. Pierre (Peter) Soblet (born around 1712; died 1783, Powhatan County, Virginia) married Elizabeth in 1746.
      15. Peter Sublett (born around 1747, Virginia; died 1812) married Martha Smith on November 27, 1777.
       70. Elizabeth S. (Betsy) Sublett (born September 6, 1778; died September 17, 1813) married Robert Wren on October 25, 1799.
        Joseph Wren (born October 19, 1801; died January 22, 1884) married Charlotte J. Porter in 1827; married Julia Sampson in 1841.
        William Wren (born around 1804)
        Martha A. Wren (born 1806; died 1877)
        James S. Wren (born 1808; died 1855)
        Robert Wren, Jr. (born 1811; died January 1, 1892) married Mary A. J. Wren in 1850.
       71. Mary Magdalen Sublett (born October 5, 1780; died October 4, 1812) married Josiah Ellett on February 22, 1802.
        Robert Ellett married Miss Fuqua.
        Peter Ellett
        James Ellett married Miss Lockett.
        Joseph Ellett married Miss Ellett.
        Martha Ellett married Edmund Maxey.
         James Dibrell Maxey married Sarah Sledd.
          James E. Maxey
          Minnie Maxey
          Melville Maxey
         Mary C. Maxey married Samuel Dorset.
          Edwin Dorset
          Watson Dorset
          Stanley Dorset
          Bernice Dorset
         Joseph E. Maxey
        Elizabeth Ellett married Mr. Lockett.
       72. Peter Sublett (born May 16, 1784; died October 18, 1851) married Anne P. Baker on October 12, 1808.
        James Madison Sublett (born November 19, 1809, Powhatan County, Virginia; died September 28, 1889) married Columbia Octavia Brooks on September 5, 1836, in Virginia; married Lucy Nelson Page in 1860 in Virginia.
         James Deane Sublett (born 1838, Henrico County, Virginia) married Clara Scheot.
          Victoria Sublett
          Daisy Sublett
          Effy Sublett
          Clara Sublett
          James Douglas Sublett
         Victoria S. Sublett (born September 3, 1839, Henrico County, Virginia)
         William B. Sublett (born 1842, Henrico County, Virginia) married Mary R. Temple on February 4, 1880, in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.
          William E. Sublett
          Charles Carson Sublett (born May 30, 1883, Monroe, Louisiana; died August 10, 1941, Jefferson County, Texas) married Willie Lou Manning.
           Charles Carson (Pete) Sublett, Jr. (born September 8, 1925, Jefferson County, Texas; died December 16, 1996) married Ruth Allyn Whitlock; married Catherine.
            Chuck Sublett married Mary.
            Gary Sublett (died in infancy)
            Mary Susan (Susie) Sublett (born December 1, 1954, Harris County, Texas; died June 28, 2001, Harris County, Texas) married Larry Martin.
             Kyle Martin
             Michele Martin
            Christopher Carson (Kit) Sublett
            Casey Manning Sublett (born May 31, 1958)
            Michael Allyn (Mike) Sublett (born May 15, 1960, Houston Texas; died November 14, 1998, Austin, Texas) married Claire.
            Shelly Sublett married Gene Jorgensen.
            Judy Sublett married Larry Wild.
          Pauline Florence Sublett
          Temple Calderwood Sublett (born 1887; died 1964)
          Mary Louise Sublett
          Lewis Elwood Sublett
          Victoria Sadie Sublett
          Nelson Hawley Sublett (born around 1895; died November 8, 1965, Dallas County, Alabama) married Pearl Stroud.
         Edwin Huguenot Sublett (born 1844, Henrico County, Virginia) married Sarah B. Winter.
          Elsie S. Sublett (born October 14, 1880, Missouri; died June 2, 1961)
          Edwin Huger Sublett (born September 11, 1882, Missouri; died January 11, 1946)
          John B. Sublett (born November 1884, Missouri)
          Sadie W. Sublett (born February 1888, Missouri)
          Charles T. Sublett (died 1890)
          Frances M. Sublett (born February 13, 1894, Missouri; died August 16, 1962)
          Victoria S. Sublett
         Charles T. Sublett (born 1848, Henrico County, Virginia; died 1890, Vicksburg, Mississippi)
         Octavia Page Sublett (born 1862, Charlotte County, Virginia) married John H. Ingram on June 7, 1887, in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
          Elsie Page Ingram
          John Littlepage Ingram
          Nelson Ingram
          Carter Sublett Ingram
         Mary Carter Sublett (born July 31, 1863, Chesterfield County, Virginia) married John White Arrington on April 9, 1889, in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
          John White Arrington
          Mary Carter Arrington
          Richard Westley Arrington
          Octavia Page Arrington
         Florence Sublett (born 1866, Charlotte County, Virginia) married J. B. Martin on November 11, 1890.
          Lucie Byrd Martin
          Wirt Martin
         Lucy Nelson Sublett (born 1868, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Bernard Page Vaden on November 14, 1891.
          Lucy Nelson Vaden
         Olivia Byrd Sublett (born 1870, Charlotte County, Virginia) married William W. Michaux on December 15, 1887.
          Frank Enders Michaux
          James Madison Michaux
          William W. Michaux
          Marion Louise Michaux
          Martin Johnson Michaux
        Martha Ann Sublett (born May 22, 1812; died January 24, 1872) married Peter G. Ellett.
         Edwin J. Ellett married Mary Betty Spears.
          Willie Ellett
         Lula Ellett married Powhatan Winfree.
          Wilson Winfree
          Gay Winfree
        William E. Sublett (born December 4, 1814, Powhatan County, Virginia; died March 30, 1853) married Mildred P. Porter.
         George Burnett Sublett (born 1848; died 1896) married Virginia Halsey Clemmitt.
          Clemett Sublett
          Hellen Sublett
          George Burnett Sublett, II (born September 25, 1896, Richmond, Virginia; died November 1967; World War I veteran) married Edith Lorraine Murvin.
           Suzanne DuToy (Suzie) Sublett (born November 17, 1933) married Ed Mitchell.
            Karen Mitchell (born October 23, 1956) married Mr. Holland.
             Stephanie Holland
             Caroline Holland
            Brian Mitchell (born November 11, 1959)
           George Burnett Sublett, III (born June 11, 1938) married Jean L. Hawkins; married Adda Quinn.
            Ian Scott Sublett (born July 5, 1970) married Julie Ann Kinsella on September 30, 2000.
             Shaelynn Maria Sublett (born August 5, 2003)
             Dylan Lawson Sublett (born May 27, 2006)
            Hampton Bryant Sublett (born July 25, 1974) married Angela Speckenheuer in 2001.
             Jackson Paul Sublett (born April 7, 2003)
             Brianna Sublett (born July 12, 2006)
         Harvie Sublett
          One Child
         Porter Sublett married Miss Scott Woody.
        John T. Sublett (born April 21, 1817; died July 5, 1891) married Emily J. Sampson on October 3, 1842, in Henrico County, Virginia.
         Walter Sampson Sublett (born October 15, 1843, Henrico County, Virginia; died December 19, 1902, Richmond, Virginia; owner of Sublett & Bruce Hardware) married Lina Linn McCue on December 13, 1877; married Jennie Wills.
          Walter McCue Sublett (born October 27, 1878; died December 25, 1881, Richmond, Virginia)
          John Sampson Sublett (born March 14, 1880, Richmond, Virginia)
          Signora Elizabeth (Nora) Sublett (born December 14, 1881, Richmond, Virginia)
          Caskie Kemper Sublett (born June 16, 1894; died 1964)
         Marion Sublett (born around 1845, Henrico County, Virginia) married Mr. Hefferron.
         Ann Eliza (Nannie) Sublett (born around 1846, Henrico County, Virginia) married Miles W. Cary.
          Hunsden Cary
          Emily Cary
         Emily J. (Emmie) Sublett (born around 1848, Henrico County, Virginia) married Leslie Jennings.
          Mary Jennings
          Emily Jennings
          Leslie Jennings
          Aline Jennings
          Robert Jennings
          Julia Jennings
         Virginia Sublett (born around 1851, Henrico County, Virginia)
         Mary Coleman Sublett (born around 1856, Henrico County, Virginia)
         Margaret D. (Maggie) Sublett (born around 1857, Henrico County, Virginia)
         Julia B. Sublett (born around 1859, Henrico County, Virginia)
        Mary Carter Sublett (born October 3, 1818, Powhatan County, Virginia)
        Samuel Smith Sublett (born September 5, 1820, Powhatan County, Virginia; C.S.A. veteran; lived near Sublett's Tavern; author of "A Partial History of the French Huguenots by Name Soblets")
        Elizabeth G. Sublett (born June 10, 1822, Powhatan County, Virginia; died December 24, 1822)
        Lucy Jane Sublett (born November 23, 1823, Chesterfield County, Virginia) married James Sanders on November 15, 1849, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
         Willis S. Sanders married Sallie A. Wills.
          George N. Sanders
          Frank Sublett Sanders
          James Willis Sanders
          Kate Eliza Sanders
          Louie Ellen Sanders
          Sally Ann Sanders
          Willis Sublett Sanders, Jr.
          Mary Constance Sanders
          Hallie Sanders
          Archer Kennon Sanders
         Lelia Sanders married Peter B. Porter.
          Floy Porter
         Evelyn Sanders married James Maxey.
          Stella Maxey
          Gordon Maxey
         Charles L. Sanders married Ola Vass.
          Arthur Rudolph Sanders
        George W. Sublett (born August 4, 1825, Powhatan County, Virginia; died April 28, 1885) married Mary Jane C. D. Porter on November 15, 1852, in Powhatan County, Virginia; married Mary J. Wirshing (Worshing).
         Mary Jane Sublett married Edward Chrenshaw.
          Winthrop Chrenshaw
          Clara Chrenshaw
         Lillie Octavia Sublett (born 1855, Virginia) married R. H. Wills.
          Mayo Wills
          Mary Lucia Wills (born October 20, 1884, Fluvanna County, Virginia; died February 3, 1973, Davidson County, North Carolina; lived in Sublett's Tavern) married Andrew George Porter on March 14, 1906, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
           Dorothy Porter (born around 1908, Virginia; lived in Sublett's Tavern) married James W. Temple, Sr.
            James W. Temple, Jr., married Heather E. Lane.
             Susan Temple
             Michael Andrew Temple
             Sheryll Temple
             Ian Temple
             Brian Hamilton Temple married Sheri Boseley.
                Olivia Grace Temple
           George Porter (born around 1919, Virginia)
          George Wills
          Horace Wills
          Robert Wills (born around 1892, Virginia)
         Anne Roberta Sublett (born 1857, Virginia) married Irvin S. Winfree.
          Anne Roberta Winfree
          Edgar Sublett Winfree
          Maggie Virginia Winfree
          Irvin Scott Winfree
          Mary Bell Winfree
          Alfred St. George Winfree married Myrtle Louella Perine (second cousin of Orville and Wilbur Wright).
           Ida Roberta Winfree
          Harry Winfree
          Dennis Winfree
          Wallace Winfree
          Anne Roberta Winfree
         Alice Sublett (born around 1859, Powhattan County, Virginia)
         Rev. Hugh Wirshing Sublett (born July 17, 1880, Richmond, Virginia; died November 3, 1941)
        Harriet E. Sublett (born July 24, 1827, Powhatan County, Virginia) married William Wren on January 24, 1851, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
         A. Werta Wren
         Emily S. Wren
         James B. Wren married Cassie Cosby.
          Bessie Courtney Wren
         Mary William Wren married A. W. Porter.
          Wallace Porter
         Lillian Wren married P. F. Martin.
          Aubrey Martin
          Oscar Martin
         Mattie Wren married C. G. White.
          Ola White
        Peter A. Sublett (born April 23, 1832, Powhatan County, Virginia; died March 17, 1895, Richmond, Virginia; C.S.A. veteran) married Alice M. Winfree.
         Claude Sublett (died 1890)
         Ruth Sublett
       John Sublett (born 1786, Cumberland County, Virginia)
       73. Thomas Smith Sublett (born May 5, 1788; died October 4, 1844) married Sarah Lackland in Virginia.
        Phillip Branch (Philip Brand) Sublett (born August 4, 1832, Virginia; died September 27, 1895; Civil War veteran) married Ida Caroline Scott (daughter of Branch O. Scott and Mary J. Scott) on February 29, 1860, in Prince Edward County, Virginia.
         Sumpter (Sumter) Branch Sublett (born April 1861, Virginia) married Rosa Belle Chapel around 1897.
          Edward Scott Sublett (born June 17, 1910; died December 17, 1952, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania) married Eleanor M. Regan on May 28, 1948, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.
           Kathleen Sublett married Mr. Browning.
            Donald Sublett (born December 20, 1978, Cuyahoga County, Ohio) married Mari Aguilerra on May 13, 2000, in Honolulu County, Hawaii; married Cynthia (Cyndie) Woods on June 17, 2006, in Medina County, Ohio.
             Donnie Cyphus Sublett (born November 9, 2001, Honolulu County, Hawaii)
             Nora Jean Sublett (born July 21, 2004, San Diego County, California)
             Tristan Daniel Sublett (born May 30, 2008, San Diego County, California)
             Aiden Sublett (born July 29, 2010, Wayne County, Ohio)
            Daniel Sublett (born February 20, 1980, Cuyahoga County, Ohio) married Jennifer Otoole on May 20, 2011, in Medina County, Ohio.
             Julia Lynn Sublett (born February 10, 2012, Medina County, Ohio)
             Claire Danielle Sublett (born September 29, 2014, Medina County, Ohio)
          Charles Sublett
          Phillip Branch Sublett (born December 13, 1900, Augusta County, Virginia; died November 1965)
          Caroline Sublett
          Isabell Sublett
          Elizabeth Sublett
         Edward Scott Sublett (born September 1864) married Julia Nelson in 1888.
         William Thomas Sublett (born 1867, Virginia)
         Frank Lackland Sublett (born March 3 1869, Virginia; died February 20, 1950, Staunton, Virginia) married Emilie Woodruff Inness; married Nannie Patterson Smith.
          Sarah Dorothy Sublett (born December 23, 1894, Augusta County, Virginia; died April 1978, Sarasota County, Florida) married Bernard Aloysius Smyth.
           Bernard Bertholf (Bart) Smyth (born July 18, 1921, New York County, New York; died 1999) married Rosemary Agnes Boiseau.
            James Barton Smyth (born December 25, 1947)
            Laura Wingate Smyth (born June 5, 1950)
            Susan Elizabeth Smyth (born March 28, 1954)
           Constantine Joseph Smyth (born March 22, 1924, New York County, New York) married Elizabeth Gordon Dent; married Anne Wetherly Pilson.
            Bernard Berthrolf Smyth (born July 7, 1946) married Agnes B.
            Dorothy Dent Smyth (born November 2, 1948) married Robert B. Burton.
          Judith Eleanor Sublett (born October 21, 1900, Harrisonburg, Virginia; died May 28, 1962, Bergen County, New Jersey)
          Frances Lackland Sublett (born January 14, 1902, Harrisonburg, Virginia; died July 30, 1996, Harrisonburg, Virginia) married James Magruder Warren, Jr., on September 20, 1921, in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
          Nancy Harriett Sublett (born September 9, 1907, Harrisonburg, Virginia; died December 11, 1999, Richmond, Virginia)
         Charles Haskins Sublett (died 1872)
        William Henry Sublett (born 1833, Powhatan County, Virginia; died March 1865) married Mary Helen Ragsdale on December 1, 1859, in Virginia.
         William Hubert Sublett (born 1860, Virginia)
         Henry A. Sublett (born 1862, Virginia) married Miss Scott.
         James Smith Sublett (born 1864, Virginia)
        James Smith Sublett (born 1835, Powhatan County, Virginia; moved to Texas)
        Judith Ann Sublett (born 1836, Powhatan County, Virginia; moved to West Virginia)
        David Lackland Sublett (born June 22, 1837, Powhatan County, Virginia; died 1896, Hamilton County, Tennessee; Civil War veteran) married Martha Frances Owen on June 13, 1871, in Prince Edward County, Virginia.
         Adopted Children:
         Hopie Sublett
         John Lackland Sublett (born March 10, 1883, Hamilton County, Tennessee) married Kelli Childress Shields on July 29, 1910, in Lynchburg, Virginia.
          Frances Sublett (born June 4, 1914, Lynchburg, Virginia)
       74. William Sublett (born March 2, 1790, Virginia; died August 10, 1872; owner and postmaster of Sublett's Tavern, Powhatan County, Virginia) married Mary (Polly) Lackland in 1828.
        Thomas E. Sublett (born February 1, 1830, Virginia; died December 22, 1905) married Charlotte Lackland.
         Bettie Sublett
        Sarah Ella Sublett (born around 1833, Virginia) married W. W. Campbell.
         Mary E. Campbell
        Mary Bella Sublett (born around 1836, Virginia) married James Wilson Brackett; married Mr. Terrell.
         Willie Terrell
         Hubert Terrell
         Jennie Terrell
         Aurelius Terrell
         Mary Terrell
        William A. Sublett (born around 1837, Virginia) married Aurelia Hill.
       75. Martha Sublett (born May 5, 1792; died November 3, 1850, in California) married James Forsee on February 13, 1812.
       76. Judith G. Sublett (born May 24, 1795, Virginia; died April 8, 1833) married Thomas Merriman on January 6, 1820, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
        James Merriman
        Virginia Merriman
      16. William Sublett (born 1750, Cumberland County, Virginia; died around 1795, Powhatan County, Virginia) married Elizabeth (Betsy) Hughes on April 24, 1788, in Virginia.
       77. Samuel Sublett (born April 15, 1789; died April 29, 1856) married Harriet Duval on August 5, 1817; married Antoinette C. Carlton on December 4, 1833, in Henrico County, Virginia.
        Virginia Sublett (born 1818, Virginia) married Charles Sinton.
        Charles Morton Sublett (born October 22, 1835; died March 25, 1876, Danville, Virginia; Civil War veteran) married Jennie E. Cosby (Cosbey) on December 18, 1867, in Danville, Virginia.
        Harrison Sublett (born around 1836)
        James Sublett (born September 1838; died May 21, 1841)
       78. Nancy Sublett (born around 1791) married Francis Branch on June 20, 1810, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
       79. John Hughes Sublett (born May 14, 1793, Amelia County, Virginia; died March 30, 1862, Henderson County, Kentucky) married Frances Arnot Maria Lucinda Lewis Towles on October 22, 1818, in Kentucky.
        Ann Hackley Sublett (born May 21, 1822, Henderson County, Kentucky) married J. E. Jackson on June 19, 1850, in Henderson County, Kentucky.
        Mary Elizabeth Sublett (born October 25, 1825, Henderson County, Kentucky; died April 18, 1887)
        Frances Maria Sublett (born March 31, 1830, Henderson County, Kentucky; died August 4, 1854) married William S. Sugg on August 16, 1853, in Henderson County, Kentucky.
        Hannah Moore Sublett (born December 26, 1831, Henderson County, Kentucky) married Fayette W. Posey on November 17, 1852, in Henderson County, Kentucky.
        John Wycliffe Sublett (born November 1, 1832, Henderson County, Kentucky; died October 31, 1864) married Gertrude Putnam Searle on August 5, 1857.
         John Hughes Sublette (born September 14, 1858, Randolph County, Indiana; died July 1938) married Dora Belle McClain on November 17, 1889, in Boone County, Indiana.
          Dr. Myrick Hughs Sublette (born December 3; 1890, Boone County, Indiana; died January 1979, Virginia) married Josephine R. Helmke on April 9, 1928, in Yankton County, South Dakota.
           Ivan Hugh Sublette
          Sherman Tecumseh Sublette (born March 25, 1892, Boone County, Indiana; died February 1964) married Opal M. Meredith on October 10, 1919, in Bartholomew County, Indiana.
           Dorothy Beryl Sublette (born October 4, 1920, Columbus, Indiana) married Donald Schafstall.
           Joe Meredith Sublette (born February 7, 1925, Columbus, Indiana) married Joanne Fye.
           Robert Howard Sublette (born October 10, 1935) married Emma May Betz.
            Bernard Jack (Bernie) Sublette (born February 26, 1956) married Rose Mary Miller on December 21, 1984.
             Aaron Michael Sublette (born February 2, 1987)
             Jordan Patrick Sublette (born September 19, 1988)
            Michael Howard (Mike) Sublette married Janet Lee Mace on August 17, 1986.
             Justin Earl Sublette (born February 12, 1993)
             Christopher Sublette (born May 13, 1995)
            Thomas Alan (Tom) Sublette (born September 3, 1958) married Lisa Lynn Kight on June 20, 1981.
             Clint Thomas Sublette (born December 17, 1983) married Amanda Leticia Hathaway on April 22, 2005.
                Noah Gabriel Sublette (born September 4, 2006)
                Payten Grace Sublette (born January 30, 2009)
                Hunter Nathaniel Sublette (born August 21, 2010)
             Kaci Brianne Sublette (born March 14, 1986) married Joshua David (Josh) Marks on April 18, 2011, in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
            Mark Andrew Sublette (born November 13, 1962) married Theresa Marie Johnson on December 20, 1986.
             Jacqueline Nicole Sublette (born December 24, 1989)
             Jennifer Sublette (born September 18, 1991)
             Michael Sublette
             Matthew Sublette
            Nancy Marie Sublette (born November 19, 1963)
            Marcie Kay Sublette married Robert Allen Couet on December 19, 1992.
             Michael Couet
            Stacy Camille Sublette (born September 2, 1969) married Dale Collins.
          John Bayard Sublette (born January 29, 1895, Advance, Indiana; died February 1966) married Anna Benham.
           John Howard Sublette (born November 3, 1918, Bartholomew County, Indiana; died August 30, 1999, Bartholomew County, Indiana) married Mary Louise Weddle on September 10, 1939, in Bartholomew County, Indiana.
            John David Sublette married Marian.
            Daniel James Sublette married Cindy.
            Daryl Jay Sublette married Lisa.
            Darla Jean Sublette
           Donald James Sublette (born April 5, 1922) married Evelyn Jean Roberts on January 24, 1946, in Bartholomew County, Indiana.
           Glenn Hugh Sublette (born December 12, 1923, Bartholomew County, Indiana; died April 17, 2015, Florida; World War II veteran) married Mary Louise Long on August 16, 1946.
            Pamela Sue Sublette married Mr. Cochran.
            Gary Lee Sublette (born May 30, 1950) married Rebecca Anne (Becky).
             James Michael Sublette (born June 20, 1976)
             John Brian Sublette (born December 27, 1978) married Cecilia Jesusa Solis.
                Liliana Marie Sublette (born March 23, 2007, Tarrant County, Texas)
                Brian Felix Sublette (born November 24, 2008, Tarrant County, Texas)
             Anne Katherine Sublette (born August 1, 1983) married Mr. Heath.
           Marjorie Ann Sublette married Kenneth W. Arnholt on July 6, 1947.
         Anna Matilda Sublette (born November 19, 1864, Shelby County, Ohio) married Fernando Cort Jones on February 3, 1886, in Madison County, Indiana.
          Barbara Jones (born 1887)
          Kenneth Cort Jones (born June 27, 1889, Rigdon, Indiana) married Ruth Ikerd on December 25, 1913, in Bloomington, Indiana.
           Paul Ikerd Jones (born November 26, 1914)
           Anna Katherine Jones (born November 16, 1918)
          Gideon Searle Jones (born July 15, 1892) married Carolyn Carver in June 1917 in Michigan.
           Helen Maxine Jones (born January 27, 1918)
           Annabell Jones (born December 11, 1924)
          Paul Sublette Jones (born July 21, 1894, Alexandria, Indiana)
        Conrad Spice Sublett (born May 1, 1836, Henderson County, Kentucky; died September 21, 1909)
        Rosalie Sublett (born May 1, 1836, Henderson County, Kentucky; died August 15, 1864) married Thomas Stinwell on February 8, 1864.
      17. John Sublett (born 1755, Cumberland County, Virginia; died 1815, Ohio) married Phoebe Porter in 1778.
       80. Peter Dutoy Sublett (born 1780, Powhatan County, Virginia; died around 1839) married Nancy Wingo on June 1, 1805, in Amelia County, Virginia.
        Harriett P. Sublett (born around 1807; died May 1, 1875, Bedford County, Virginia) married James M. Williams on June 22, 1830, in Bedford County, Virginia.
        616. John Ditaway Sublett (born 1813, Powhatan County, Virginia) married Elizabeth Thomas Jackson in December 1841 in Powhatan County, Virginia.
         John Winston Sublett (born October 12, 1848; died April 5, 1928) married Emily Agnes Peterson on February 9, 1871.
          John Rufus Sublett (born August 15, 1872, Caldwell County, North Carolina; died August 17, 1956, Catawba County, North Carolina) married Anna Toula (Tolula) Cline on December 9, 1894, in Catawba County, North Carolina.
           Ora Anna Sublett (born November 21, 1895, Catawba County, North Carolina; died April 20, 1967)
           Roscoe Harvey Sublett (born January 5, 1898, Catawba County, North Carolina; died September 8, 1961) married Mary Helen Westbrook on July 14, 1945.
           Viola Pearl Sublett (born March 2, 1900, Catawba County, North Carolina) married Evan Preston Heavner.
            Clyde Preston Heavner (born January 20, 1923; died August 28, 1980) married Daisy Margaret Eury on March 4, 1945.
             Jay Clyde Heavner (born September 10, 1945, Lincolnton, North Carolina)
             Jack Brady Heavner (born October 24, 1946, Lincolnton, North Carolina)
            Rufus Adam Heavner (born January 17, 1926) married Barbara Bartholf on May 26, 1946, in Jacksonville, Florida.
             Edward James Heavner (born April 5, 1947, Lincolnton, North Carolina)
             Stephen Adam Heavner (born October 13, 1951, Lincolnton, North Carolina)
             William Lawrence Heavner (born February 20, 1954, Jacksonville, Florida)
             Barbara Ann Heavner (born July 27, 1956, Jacksonville, Florida)
             Thomas Evan Heavner (born February 7, 1958, Jacksonville, Florida; died 1980)
            Julian Pinkney Heavner (born June 28, 1928; died July 24, 1982)
            Nancy Pearl Heavner (born July 3, 1934) married Wallace Gilbert on June 7, 1953, in Lincolnton, North Carolina.
             Debra Lynn Gilbert (born August 10, 1955, Lynchburg, Virginia)
             Richard Clayton Gilbert (born January 6, 1958, Lynchburg, Virginia)
             Teresa Lynn Gilbert (born October 31, 1963)
           Marvin Timothy Sublett (born July 23, 1902, Catawba County, North Carolina; died April 1, 1967, Asheville, North Carolina) married Gladys Delilah Poovey on May 7, 1931, in York, South Carolina.
            Margaret Irene Sublett {born February 24, 1932, Hickory, North Carolina) married William Alvin Snyder on June 30, 1951, in Asheville, North Carolina.
             Holli Lynn Snyder (born December 17, 1957, Asheville, North Carolina)
             Brenda Gail Snyder (born December 18, 1959, Asheville, North Carolina)
             Paul Lee Snyder (born March 13, 1965, Asheville, North Carolina)
             Timothy Snyder (born September 2, 1966, Asheville, North Carolina)
            Marvin Thomas Sublett (born May 26, 1935, Asheville, North Carolina) married Elizabeth Beck Sink on August 22, 1959.
             Katherine Elizabeth Sublett (born February 16, 1961, Hickory, North Carolina) married David Minardi on October 26, 1985.
                Rebecca Minardi (born December 5, 1992)
                Alex Minardi (born June 1, 1995)
                Stephen Minardi (born February 15, 1998)
             Karol Elaine Sublett (born February 7, 1963, Hickory, North Carolina) married James Hoffman on June 25, 1988.
                Elizabeth Hoffman (born September 6, 1990)
                Joseph Hoffman (born April 8, 1993)
                Katherine Hoffman (born October 27, 2001)
           Roy Winston Sublett (born March 22, 1905, Catawba County, North Carolina; died November 11, 1919)
           Edith Emily Sublett (born January 15, 1908, Catawba County, North Carolina; died July 18, 1997) married Herbert Guy Coulter on December 5, 1929, in Hickory, North Carolina.
            Rufus Guy Coulter (born September 18, 1930, Hickory, North Carolina) married Minnie Marjorie Harris on November 15, 1953.
             Ronald Guy Coulter (born July 14, 1954, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina) married Elizabeth Anne Johnston on December 28, 1979, in Burlington, North Carolina.
                Bradley Guy Coulter (born 1982)
             Daniel Duan Coulter (born May 10, 1956, Jefferson County, Kentucky)
             Mark Alan Coulter (born August 31, 1958, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina)
             Karen Annette Coulter (born September 18, 1959, Memphis, Tennessee) married Stan Sherman on November 6, 1982.
             David Blair Coulter (born June 28, 1962, Durham, North Carolina) married Karen Denise Wall on June 5, 1982, in Durham, North Carolina.
             John Russell Coulter (born January 5, 1968, Durham, North Carolina)
            Kenneth Raymond Coulter (born April 18, 1932, Hickory, North Carolina) married Marlene Dare Clayton on June 20, 1959.
             Baby Girl Coulter (born May 8, 1960; died May 8, 1960, Jackson County, Missouri)
             Anita Marie Coulter (born September 27, 1961, Durham, North Carolina)
             Kenneth Raymond Coulter, II (born September 6, 1964, Durham, North Carolina)
             Martin Thomas Coulter (born February 18, 1970, Durham, North Carolina)
            Baxter Wayne Coulter (born April 13, 1933, Hickory, North Carolina) married Frances Eugenia Folk on July 25, 1959.
             Scarlet Julianne Coulter (born September 20, 1960, Raleigh, North Carolina)
             Kelly Elizabeth Coulter (born December 3, 1962, Raleigh, North Carolina)
             Eugenia Wayne Coulter (born November 7, 1966, Asheville, North Carolina)
             Catherine Marie Coulter (born March 27, 1975, Asheville, North Carolina)
            Camellia Eileen Coulter (born May 18, 1935, Maiden, North Carolina) married Donald Ray Barger on July 7, 1957.
             Janet Eileen Barger (born September 5, 1959, Hickory, North Carolina) married Vance B. Spinks on August 13, 1982.
             Patricia Diana Barger (born August 30, 1960, Hickory, North Carolina)
             Donald Ray Barger, Jr. (born March 1, 1962, Hickory, North Carolina)
             Lee Allen Barger (born February 29, 1964, Hickory, North Carolina)
            Edith Marie Coulter (born August 27, 1937, Maiden, North Carolina) married Carl Wilburn Toney on June 8, 1958.
             Bryan Carl Toney (born April 6, 1960, Marion, North Carolina)
             Celia Marie Toney (born July 21, 1962, Marion, North Carolina)
            Greta Gayle Coulter (born August 20, 1940, Maiden, North Carolina) married Gilbert Gamaliel Brooks on October 12, 1963.
             Gilbert Guy Brooks (born September 17, 1964, Durham, North Carolina)
             Gregory Gamaliel Brooks (born February 22, 1968, Durham, North Carolina)
             Geoffrey Grant Brooks (born May 15, 1970, Durham, North Carolina)
             Gela Gayle Brooks (born December 1977, Durham, North Carolina)
            Harvey Monroe Coulter (born March 29, 1942, Maiden, North Carolina)
           Prema Aileene Sublett (born September 19, 1910, Catawba County, North Carolina) married James Brevard Goode.
          William Henry Sublett (born November 4, 1875; died July 10, 1952) married Minnie Herman on March 24, 1895.
           Catherine Sublett married Mr. Caldwell.
            Harold Caldwell
            Henry Caldwell (died in infancy)
            Allen Caldwell
          Martha Jane Elizabeth (Mattie) Sublett (born November 17, 1882; died January 20, 1965) married Davis Yount on January 30, 1941; married John Yount on April 18, 1950.
         Betty Sublett (born 1850, Powhatan County, Virginia) married Jones Coffey.
        615. Edmond Wingo Sublett (born around 1817, Virginia) married Susan Jane Bowles on November 8, 1848, in Bedford County, Virginia.
         Elmira V. Sublette (born August 21, 1850, Bedford County, Virginia; died May 23, 1929) married Robert Moore in 1870.
         Martha S. Sublette (born July 2, 1852, Bedford County, Virginia; died December 13, 1935) married John Beard.
         John Irvine Sublette (born October 14, 1854; died March 1, 1928) married Janette (Nettie) Ruddell.
          Harrison Hill (Harry) Sublett (born August 14, 1891; Bedford County, Virginia; died March 28, 1957) married Nannie Gracie Franklin on May 28, 1921.
           Harry Hill Sublett, Jr. (born July 16, 1922; died July 26, 2010, Roanoke, Virginia; World War II veteran) married Nadine B.
           Gracie Maxine Sublett (born October 5, 1924) married Mr. Hoover.
           Mata Mae Sublett (born December 17, 1925) married Mr. Ussery.
            Randy Ussery
            Doug Ussery
           William Irvin (Billy) Sublett (born November 25, 1928)
           Jimmy Franklin Sublett (born June 5, 1932)
          Guy Rutherford Sublett (born June 15, 1893; died May 5, 1938) married Elizabeth J. (Lizzie) Bowles.
           Jack Otha Sublett (born March 31, 1936, Bedford County, Virginia; died January 29, 2016, Greene County, Virginia) married June Carolyn Wheeler on July 16, 1960, in Roanoke, Virginia.
            Jerry Sublett married Carolyn Butta.
            James Sublett
           John Henry Sublett (born 1935) married Lois.
           Thomas E. (Tom) Sublett (born 1933) married Betty.
          Horace Bender Sublett (born December 16, 1899; died October 2, 1967)
          Russell Byrd Sublett (born July 13, 1902, Virginia; died May 10, 1979, Virginia) married Myrtle Boothe.
           Elton Byrd Sublett (born October 21, 1923, Bedford County, Virginia; died October 23, 2011, Bedford County, Virginia) merried Mildred Henrietta McGhee.
            Donald Byrd Sublett married Connie.
            Debra Sublett married David Graham.
          Iva Byrd Sublett (born August 17, 1904; died February 11, 1997)
         Edward Lowry Sublette (born January 16, 1857; died May 19, 1919) married Lorena Bell Beard on March 21, 1888.
          Reyborn Roy Sublette (born March 1881, Virginia)
          Carrie Bell Sublette (born January 1893, Virginia) married Arthur John Burt.
           Kathleen Virginia Burt married Allen King Thomas.
            Allen King Thomas, Jr., married Elva Rachel Bass.
             David Allen Thomas
            Joseph Burt Thomas
            William Arthur Thomas
          Lounell Sublette (born October 1895, Virginia)
          Mamie Sublette (born August 1897, Virginia)
          Elizabeth Virginia Sublette (born March 12, 1901; died November 20, 1974) married William Ruff Key.
           Charlotte Key (born October 11, 1933, Roanoke, Virginia) married Mason Lee Whitenack.
            Andrew Lee Whitenack (born August 20, 1960, Roanoke Virginia)
            Carl Edward Whitenack (born December 16, 1966, Roanoke, Virginia)
         Emma M. Sublette (born June 1, 1860; died March 4, 1943) married William Horton.
         Susan A. Sublette (born September 17, 1862; died March 9, 1921) married William Burnette.
         William L. Sublette (born February 22, 1866; died July 14, 1943) married Katey Ruddell.
         Daisy K. Sublette (born March 30, 1871; died May 14, 1935)
        Thomas Carey Sublett (born December 15, 1822, Amelia County, Virginia; died March 6, 1896, Roanoke County, Virginia; CSA Civil War veteran) married Sarah E. Hatcher on September 12, 1863.
         Alice Thomas Sublett (born November 20, 1865, Roanoke County, Virginia; died October 9, 1946, Roanoke, Virginia) married Franklin Wayne Whitescarver.
          Paul Sublett Whitescarver (born July 26, 1892, Salem, Virginia; died 1973, New York City, New York) married Jean Bezner.
           Franklin Samuel Whitescarver (born May 26, 1922, Saint Louis, Missouri)
           Paul Sublett Whitescarver, Jr. (born March 7, 1926 Saint Louis, Missouri; died 2000, Mountainside, New Jersey)
            Paul Sublett Whitescarver, III (born September 7, 1953)
            Linda Joyce Whitescarver (born July 6, 1956) married Mr. Lafferman.
            Wendy Diana Whitescarver (born November 19, 1961)
          Miriam Whitescarver (born October 28, 1894) married Benjamin A. Burch.
           Benjamin A. Burch, Jr., (born December 7, 1918, Roanoke, Virginia; World War II veteran) married Marjorie Smith.
            Benjamin A. Burch, III, married Carolyn Smith.
            Richard Wayne Burch (born October 12, 1936; Vietnam War veteran)
            Robert Leslie (Bob) Burch (born Oct 6, 1949) married Annie Campbell.
             Matthew Colin Burch (born February 5, 1971, Roanoke, Virginia)
             Christopher Scott Burch (born August 15, 1979, Roanoke, Virginia)
            Madeline Burch
          Silas Whitescarver (born August 7, 1897)
         Cora Bishop Sublett (born January 19, 1869; died 1900) married John Michael Airheart.
          Nellie Thomas Airheart (born 1896; died 1987) married Dennis C. Christian, Jr.
           Alice Elizabeth Christian (born 1920; died 1975) married John W. Brewer, Jr.
            Carol Christian Brewer
           Richard Lewis Christian (born 1926; died 1979)
           William Sublett Christian married Jewel W. Buffaloe in 1958.
         Henry Davis Sublett (born September 6, 1871; died October 25, 1872)
        611. Frances Ann Sublett (born 1825; died 1890, Bedford County, Virginia) married Elisha A. Bowles.
        614. Smith Sublett (born around 1829; died 1863) married Susan Dacon.
         Sarah D. Sublett
         Samantha S. Sublett
        613. Chastain Madison Sublett (born around 1833) married Julia Hersey Loyd in 1868.
         Walter Jones Sublett (born 1869)
        612. Nancy Elliott Sublett (born around 1835, Powhatan County, Virginia) married William Traxton Black in 1854.
      18. Benjamin Sublett (born around 1759, Cumberland County, Virginia; died 1825) married Betty Ann Street on January 20, 1785.
       81. William Sublett (born 1786)
       82. John Sublett (born 1799)
       83. Joseph P. Sublett (born around 1793; died January 2, 1873, Powhatan County, Virginia; War of 1812 veteran) married Mrs. Nancy Winfree Morrisett on February 6, 1840.
        Samuel Sublett
        Benjamin Tazewell (Tasewell) Sublett (born December 4, 1840, Chesterfield County, Virginia; died August 7, 1920, Danville, Virginia; inventor of the Tobacco-plug extractor) married Sarah Frances Morrissett; married Sarah Elizabeth Breedlove.
         Benjamin Linwood Sublett (born September 28, 1867, Danville, Virginia; died January 10, 1916, Danville, Virginia; owner of Sublett's Lithia Spring in Danville, Virginia) married Leuvenia (LaVenia) Esther Wright.
          Sarah Louisa Sublett (born September 14, 1903, Danville, Virginia; died January 2, 2006, Palm Beach County, Florida) married Walter Henry Koehler on November 22, 1924, in Danville, Virginia.
          Helen Esther Sublett (born November 14, 1907, Danville, Virginia; died December 30, 1999, Hall County, Georgia) married Charles Robertson Brice.
         Charles William Sublett (born July 21, 1870, Chesterfield County, Virginia; died October 9, 1913, Danville, Virginia) married Martha Ethel Smith on June 22, 1898, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
          Henry Lee Sublett, Sr. (born April 13, 1899, Danville, Virginia) married Freya Henrietta Cramer on December 11, 1925.
           Henry Lee Sublett, Jr. (born November 8, 1926; died November 4, 1999; World War II veteran) married Barbara Annette Mishalanie.
            Lt. Col. Henry Lee Sublett, III
           Benjamin Whitfield (Whit) Sublett (born April 17, 1931, Danville, Virginia; died February 3, 2013, Jefferson County, Alabama) married Joan Madeline Whitehead on September 15, 1962, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
            Chandler Cramer Sublett (born October 25, 1965, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
            Michael Brooks Sublett (born February 10, 1975, Richland County, South Carolina)
          Jesse Whitfield Sublett (born May 1902, Danville, Virginia; died January 8, 1979, Charleston County, South Carolina) married Magnolia Weadon on March 19, 1922, in Danville, Virginia.
           James Carson Sublett (born October 5, 1930) married Nancy Lea Harris in June 1964.
          Charles William Sublett, Jr. (born January 1, 1906, Danville, Virginia; died May 16, 1983, Charlottesville, Virginia)
         Lavenia Jane Sublett (born June 3, 1875, Chesterfield County, Virginia; died October 27, 1961) married Morris W. Motley.
          Nathaniel Claiborne Motley (born February 27, 1897)
          Ruth Francis Motley (born October 21, 1899) married John Stanley Beck.
         Lilah J. Sublett (born around 1878, Danville, Virginia) married W. W. Boisseau.
          Charles Linwood Boisseau (born March 3, 1903, Danville, Virginia; died April 6, 1925, Danville, Virginia)
       84. Judith Sublett (born 1795) married Littleberry Boatright on December 11, 1817, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
       85. Mary (Polly) Sublett (born 1797) married William Owen on February 19, 1818.
       86. Elizabeth (Betsy) Sublett married Elder John Wooldridge on June 21, 1841.
       87. Nancy Sublett (born around 1801)
       88. Phoebe Sublett (born around 1803)
       89. Eliza Sublett (born around 1805; died June 27, 1895, Virginia) married Bennett Maxey on December 15, 1830.
       90. Mariah Sublett (born around 1807)
      Phillip D. Sublett (born around 1756, Cumberland County, Virginia)
      Elizabeth Sublett (born around 1758, Cumberland County, Virginia)
      19. Mary Jane Sublett (born around 1760, Cumberland County, Virginia) married Francis Merriman on June 17, 1782, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
       Peter Merriman (born October 3, 1783, Powhatan County, Virginia; died around 1853, Knox County, Tennessee) married Pricia Bartlett in 1812 in Knox County, Tennessee.
        John J. Merriman (born May 4, 1822, Knox County, Tennessee; died December 22, 1904, Knox County, Tennessee) married Corda Caroline Monday.
         Charles Owen Merriman (born May 17, 1854, Knox County, Tennessee; died March 22, 1907, Knox County, Tennessee) married Margaret Evaline Burkhart.
          Bruce Merriman (born August 1, 1886, Knox County, Tennessee; died February 11, 1942, Knox County, Tennessee) married Hallie Hester Brogden.
           Roy Bruce Merriman (born 1914; died 2003)
           Leona Linnie Merriman (born 1916; died 2005)
           Gladys Minnie Merriman (born 1923; died 2009)
           James Owen Merriman (born 1924; died 1945)
           George William Merriman (born 1929; died 2005)
          Cordia Merriman
          Ira Minnis Merriman (born September 24, 1890, Tennessee; died January 1974, Missouri)
          Joseph Anderson Merriman married Annice Elizabeth Pickel.
           Ruth Merriman
           Sue Merriman married Mr. Koontz.
           Ira Merriman married Ruby.
            Jackie Merriman married Diana Lee.
             Andrew Merriman
             Abbey Merriman
             Amy Merriman married Wesley Chamberlain.
                Emma Elyse Chamberlain
       Elizabeth Merriman (born around 1784, Powhatan County, Virginia; died February 2, 1852, Warren County, Tennessee) married Sterling Gravitt on December 17, 1800, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
        Mr. Gravitt (born around 1800, Powhatan County, Virginia; died around 1860, Warren County, Tennessee) married Mary Houston around 1820 in Knox County, Tennessee.
         Hester Houston Gravitt (born March 15, 1829, Knoxville, Tennessee; died September 27, 1890, Rolla, Missouri) married David Allison McGiboney on August 20, 1848, in McMinnville, Tennessee; married Richard Burke in 1864 in Phelps County, Missouri.
          Horace Eugene McGiboney (born August 23, 1849)
          Cornelia Frances McGiboney (born January 6, 1853)
          Mary Josephine McGiboney (born February 22, 1855)
          Elizabeth Ellen McGiboney (born February 28, 1857)
          Cora Amanda McGiboney (born August 8, 1859)
          Thomas Crittenden McGiboney (born April 17, 1861, Licking, Missouri; died December 29, 1940, Springfield, Missouri) married Margaret Emaline Nichols on April 3, 1882, in Licking, Missouri.
           Alpha McGiboney (born May 1883, Licking, Missouri; died June 25, 1976, Springfield, Missouri) married Charles Augustus Capps on April 7, 1906, in Licking, Missouri; married Hosea Evert Mansfield on October 31, 1959, in Houston, Missouri.
            Mary Margaret Capps (born 1908)
            Thomas Capps (born around 1910)
            Horace Capps (born around 1911)
            Aileen Edith Capps (born September 17, 1913, Beulah, Missouri; died August 13, 1980, St. Louis, Missouri) married Earl Romaine DeLaney on August 23, 1937, in Tuscumbia, Missouri.
             Lamar Dinsmore DeLaney (born December 25, 1938)
             Aileen Carol DeLaney (born August 5, 1940, Rolla, Missouri) married Gacueno Soares Moura on October 22, 1960, in Charleston, South Carolina.
                Doris Eileen Moura (born October 4, 1962, Fairfield, California) married Tim Martin.
                Elizabeth Carol Moura (born November 14, 1964, Fairfield, California)
                Marlo Ann Moura (born February 26, 1970, Los Angeles County, California)
             Marilyn Sue DeLaney (born April 18, 1946)
           Nellie McGiboney (born June 30, 1884)
           Lawrence McGiboney (born November 3, 1885)
           Frances Alice McGiboney (born November 9, 1886)
           Horace Eugene McGiboney (born February 11, 1888)
           Hugh McGiboney (born July 11, 1889)
           Katie McGiboney (born February 12, 1891
           James Ferdinand McGiboney (born November 16, 1892)
           David Rolland McGiboney (born November 18, 1894)
           Ernest Earl McGiboney (born October 24, 1897)
           Harold McGiboney (born March 3, 1900)
           Millard McGiboney (born March 3, 1900)
           Laura McGiboney (born March 9, 1902)
         Elizabeth Gravitt (born around 1825, Knox County, Tennessee) married Josiah Cullendar.
        William Gravitt (born around 1800)
        son (born around 1803)
        daughter (born around 1805)
        daughter (born around 1807)
       Thomas Merryman (born around 1787)
       William Merriman (born around 1791; died around 1858)

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