Soblet Family Tree

Descendants of Estienne Chastain (of Bourges, France)

Jacques Chastain (born around 1599) married Jeanne Audet.

   Estienne Chastain (baptized 1625, Issoudun, France) married Jeanne Laurent.
    Jacques Chastain (baptized December 22, 1652)
    Anne Chastain (baptized February 25, 1655)
    Jeanne Chastain (baptized February 11, 1657)
    [PC-1] Pierre Chastain (baptized April 9, 1659, Charost, France; died 1728, Goochland County, Virginia) married Susanne Renaud (daughter of Pierre Renaud); married Anne Soblet (daughter of Abraham Soblet and Susanne Briant) around 1701; married Mrs. Magdalene Flournoy Trabue (daughter of Jacob Flournoy; widow of Antoine Trabue).
     [PC-2] Jean Adam Chastain (baptized May 8, 1690, Vevey, Switzerland; died December 1761, Cumberland County, Virginia) married Marianne; married Charlotte Judith Amonet.
      [PC-9] Mary Ann (Mariann) Chastain (born around 1715, Henrico County, Virginia) married Benjamin Witt around 1730.
      [PC-10] Jean (John) Chastain, Jr. (born September 26, 1721, Henrico County, Virginia) married Frances Branch around 1753; married Elizabeth Logwood around 1764.
      Judith Chastain (born May 10, 1727, Henrico County, Virginia) married Robert Scott on October 30, 1762, in Goochland County, Virginia.
      Pierre Chastain (born February 24, 1728, Henrico County, Virginia)
      Magdalene Chastain (born January 5, 1731, Goochland County, Virginia)
      Janne Chastain (born October 3, 1734, Goochland County, Virginia) married Anthony Martin on July 18, 1782, in Powhatan County, Virginia.
      Estienne Chastain (born November 9, 1737, Goochland County, Virginia; died 1805)
      [PC-11] Magdalaine Chastain (born January 23, 1743, Goochland County, Virginia) married William Porter.
     Marie Susanne Chastain (baptized October 8, 1691, Vevey, Switzerland)
     Pauline Elizabeth Chastain (baptized April 24, 1693, Vevey, Switzerland)
     Pierre Chastain (baptized August 24, 1694, Vevey, Switzerland)
     Arthuze Chastain (Baptized March 4, 1696, Vevey, Switzerland)
     Jeanne Françoise Chastain (baptized February 26, 1697, Vevey, Switzerland)
     Pierre Samuel Chastain (baptized May 5, 1698, Vevey, Switzerland)
     Susanne Chastain (baptized September 10, 1699, Leiden, Holland)
     [PC-3] Judith Chastain (born around 1703, Henrico County, Virginia) married Gille Ballew.
      [PC-12] Peter Ballew (died around 1770, Albemarle County, Virginia) married Alice.
       [PC-41] Solomon Ballew (born around 1755, Virginia; died September 16, 1818, Pendleton County, Kentucky. married Elinea on June 9, 1778.
       Abraham Ballew (died around 1800, Augusta County, Virginia) married Ann Alexander.
       Peter Ballew married Sarah Israel.
       Elizabeth Ballew
       Mary Ballew
       Sarah Ballew married Robert Leister.
      Willaim Ballew
      Thomas Ballew
     [PC-4] Susanna Chastain (born around 1705, Henrico County, Virginia) married James Robinson.
      Anne Robinson (born April 12, 1731)
      Zachariah Robinson (born April 15, 1733)
      James Robinson (born June 7, 1735)
      Marie (Mary) Robinson (born May 20, 1739)
      Elizabeth Robinson (born around 1742)
     [PC-5] Pierre Chastain, Jr. (born around 1707, Henrico County, Virginia) married Mildred (Middy) Archer.
      [PC-13] Judith Chastain (born around 1734, Goochland County, Virginia) married Joseph Carter, Jr., around 1754.
       [PC-42] John Carter (born around 1750, Albemarle County, Virginia) married Frances DuPriest on November 9, 1787, in Buckingham County, Virginia.
       [PC-43] Joseph Carter, III (born around 1755, Virginia; died February 25, 1845, Morgan County, Kentucky) married [PC-108] Magdalene Sallé Chastain around 1786 in Buckingham County, Virginia.
        [PC-127] Benjamin Ford Carter (born July 31, 1787, Buckingham County, Virginia; died May 9, 1855, Posey County, Indiana) married Rachel Catherine Williams on April 22, 1806, in Montgomery County, Kentucky.
        [PC-128] Dora Carter (born around 1789, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Jacob McGehee around 1811 in Maury County, Tennessee.
        [PC-129] Joseph Carter, IV (born July 18, 1791, Buckingham County, Virginia; died February 13, 1876, Morgan County, Kentucky) married Elizabeth Ann Scott on January 2, 1812.
        [PC-130] Judith Carter (born around 1793, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1836, Morgan County, Kentucky) married John Gevedon, her second-cousin, around 1808.
         [PC-431] Benjamin Gevedon
         [PC-432] Maggie Gevedon
         [PC-433] Elizabeth (Betsy) Gevedon
         [PC-434] Virginia Gevedon
         [PC-435] Anna Gevedon
         [PC-436] John Gevedon, Jr.
         [PC-437] Joseph F. Gevedon
         [PC-438] Parthena Gevedon (born around 1832, Morgan County, Kentucky; died October 25, 1897, Morgan County, Kentucky) married Jack Brown (Higgenbotham) around 1853, Morgan County, Kentucky; married Benjamin Long.
          Judith (Juda) Brown (Higgenbotham) (born February 23, 1854, Morgan County, Kentucky; died November 11, 1909, Morgan County, Kentucky) married William Daniel Peyton.
           Joseph Edward Peyton (born around 1874)
           Gilley Ann Peyton (born around 1876)
           Lucinda (Lou) C. Peyton (born around 1877)
           Francis Marion (Frank) Peyton (born around 1879)
           Eli Peyton (born May 18, 1884, Morgan County, Kentucky; died March 9, 1967, Greene County, Ohio)
           Mary Elizabeth Peyton (born around 1884, Morgan County, Kentucky)
           Myrtle Ellen Peyton (born December 16, 1888, Kentucky; died February 14, 1976, Morgan County, Kentucky) married Leburn Chester Ferguson on February 24, 1910.
           James Perry (Jim) Peyton (born April 14, 1891, Morgan County, Kentucky; died September 27, 1971, Rowan County, Kentucky) married Clora Frances.
            Elwood Peyton (born March 26, 1917; died July 9, 1976) married Mollie Mae Stark.
             James Peyton
             Debra Peyton
             Jeanette Peyton
             Jerry Peyton
             Daniel Peyton
             Phyllis Ann Peyton married Ronald Young.
                Mark Young
                Rebecca Young
                Sara Young
                Stephen Young
            Curtis Waldo Peyton
            Catherine Orene Peyton married Mr. McCowan.
            Lenora Faye Peyton (born September 15, 1939, Jennings County, Indiana; died April 28, 2011, Rowan County, Kentucky) married Franklin S. Perry.
             Frank Nathan Perry married Kim.
             Anthony Ray Perry married Sarah.
            Thelma (Velma) Peyton married Mr. Long.
            Maureen Peyton
            Ula Beatrice Peyton (born July 6, 1929, in Morgan County, Kentucky; died December 31, 2015, Mason County, Kentucky) married Elwood Littleton; married Hazel Markwell.
             Kathy Littleton married Cletis Cord.
             Mike Littleton married Louise.
             Nola Littleton married Robert Abbott.
            Ray Peyton
          Francis Marion Long (born around 1864, Morgan County, Kentucky)
          Joseph M. Long (born around 1866, Morgan County, Kentucky)
          Hiram Long (born around 1868, Morgan County, Kentucky)
        [PC-131] René Chastain Carter (born March 21, 1794, Buckingham County, Virginia; died June 14, 1873, Posey County, Indiana) married [PC-381] Magdalene Sarah Chastain on September 6, 1819, in Bath County, Kentucky.
        Anderson Carter (born around 1796, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1836, Bath County, Kentucky) married Nancy Randolph on November 24, 1825, in Bath County, Kentucky.
        [PC-132] Anna Chastain Carter (born February 6, 1797, Buckingham County, Virginia; died March 8, 1866, Jackson County, Missouri) married Jacob Ragan on August 6, 1815, in Bath County, Kentucky.
        [PC-133] Elijah Carter (born September 10, 1799, Buckingham County, Virginia; died October 6, 1876, Bath County, Kentucky) married [PC-386] Elizabeth Ragland on July 4, 1821, in Bath County, Kentucky.
        Oakley Carter (born around 1801, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Artimella Grimes on June 2, 1825, in Bath County, Kentucky.
        [PC-134] Virginia Jane Carter (born April 3, 1802, Montgomery County, Kentucky; died January 7, 1890, Morgan County, Kentucky) married [PC-135] Joseph McKinney, her cousin, on July 29, 1819; married [PC-138] David B. Carter, her cousin, on September 7, 1825.
       [PC-44] Judith Carter (born around 1759, Virginia) married [PC-51] Joseph Gevedon, her cousin.
       [PC-45] Mary (Polly) Carter (born around 1761, Albemarle County, Virginia) married Josiah McKinney on January 1, 1789, in Buckingham County, Virginia.
       [PC-46] Priscilla Carter (born around 1763, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Williamson Burnett on March 15, 1792, in Buckingham County, Virginia.
       [PC-47] Ammon Carter (born 1765, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Mary (Polly) Burnett; married Mary Gartell.
       [PC-48] Elizabeth Carter married Isham Johnson Miles in Bedford County, Virginia.
       [PC-49] Nancy Carter (born around 1769, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Thomas Phelps.
       Elijah Carter (born around 1771, Virginia; died around 1812, Bedford County, Virginia) married Ursula.
      [PC-14] Magdalene Chastain married Jean (John) Gévaudan.
       [PC-50] John Gevedon, II (born 1756, Albemarle County, Virginia; died April 17, 1835, Henry County, Kentucky) married Mary Mims in 1785 in Goochland County, Virginia.
       [PC-51] Joseph Gevedon (born around 1766, Buckingham County, Virginia) married [PC-44] Judith Carter, his cousin.
        John Gevedon (born around 1788, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1868, Morgan County, Kentucky) married [PC-130] Judith Carter, his second-cousin, around 1808.
        [PC-140] Joseph Isaac (Big Joe) Gevedon (born around 1794, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1835) married Susanna Jeffries on April 12, 1820, in Shelby County, Kentucky.
         [PC-469] George W. Gevedon (born December 23, 1823, Shelby County, Kentucky; died December 3, 1873, Jennings County, Indiana) married Mary Sophia May on April 9, 1846, in Jennings County, Indiana.
          Joseph Andrew Gevedon (born January 12, 1847, Jennings County, Indiana; died March 7, 1941, Fresno County, California) married Martha Ann Ryason on October 28, 1869, in Jennings County, Indiana.
          Louisa (Eliza) Gevedon (born October 30, 1848, Jennings County, Indiana) married Kindred Chatten on September 24, 1868.
          Jane Gevedon married James Christie.
          Susan (Susanna) C. Gevedon married William Gant on February 24, 1870.
          Charles Gevedon (born January 11, 1856, Jennings County, Indiana) married Emma Scoggins.
          Sarah Gevedon (born July 11, 1860, Jennings County, Indiana) married John R. Littrell on October 7, 1895.
          William Gevedon (born June 11, 1863, Jennings County, Indiana) married Ella Kane in 1887.
         Joseph Gevedon (born around 1826)
         Lucinda Gevedon (born around 1833) married George Conk on April 18, 1856.
         James Gevedon (born around 1834)
       [PC-52] Thomas Gevedon (born 1770, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1818, Kenawha County, West Virginia) married Leah Hendricks around 1793.
      [PC-15] Rev. John (Ten Shilling Bell) Chastain (born around 1743, Goochland County, Virginia; died 1805, Pendleton District, South Carolina) married Mary O'Bryan around 1765 in Buckingham County, Virginia; married Mrs. Mary Robinson around 1798 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.
       [PC-53] Abner Chastain (born around 1764, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1846, Pickens County, South Carolina) married Nancy Ann; married Rachel (Cassie) Barnes.
       [PC-54] John Chastain, Jr. (born around 1766, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1844, Pickens County, South Carolina) married Jemima Denton around 1788 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.
       [PC-55] Martha Chastain (born around 1768, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1794, South Carolina) married John Blythe around 1790.
       [PC-56] Edward Brigand Chastain (born March 29, 1769, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1834, Blue Ridge, Gilmer County, Georgia) married Hannah Brown around 1787 in North Carolina.
       Mary Chastain (born around 1771, Buckingham County, Virginia) married John O'Dell.
       [PC-57] Elijah Chastain (born March 25, 1776, Buckingham County, Virginia; died March 8, 1853, Gilmer County, Georgia) married Hannah Adams around 1794; married Anna Middleton around 1800; married Catherine Carson around 1819.
        [PC-169] Elizabeth Chastain (born around 1795, South Carolina) married Stephen Jennings around 1819 in Rabun County, Georgia.
        [PC-170] Priscilla Chastain (born around 1797, Pendleton District, South Carolina; died August 18, 1864, Cobb County, Georgia) married David Stansell.
        [PC-171] Rebecca Chastain (born around 1799, South Carolina) married George Patterson.
        [PC-172] Nancy Chastain (born around 1800, South Carolina) married Luke Ginn on November 18, 1825, in Rabun County, Georgia.
        [PC-173] Joseph Chastain (born May 18, 1802, South Carolina; died 1879, Cobb County, Georgia) married Margaret Purcell on March 4, 1824, in Habersham County, Georgia.
        [PC-174] Elijah Chastain, Jr. (born 1803, Pendleton District, South Carolina) married Rhoda Sarton around 1826.
        [PC-175] James Lafayette Chastain (born April 10, 1801, South Carolina; died March 14, 1862, Fannin County, Georgia) married Virginia Jane Carson on November 29, 1819, in Haywood County, North Carolina.
        [PC-176] William Howard Chastain (born around 1803, South Carolina; died around 1860, Fannin County, Georgia) married Martha Coward around 1824.
        [PC-177] James Edward Chastain (born May 10, 1805, Haywood County, North Carolina; died May 17, 1867, Marion County, Alabama) married Sarah J. Shelton on October 7, 1825, in Haywood County, North Carolina.
        [PC-178] Artimissa Chastain (born around 1808, Haywood County, North Carolina) married William McDaniel around 1828.
        [PC-179] Mary (Polly) Chastain (born around 1811, Haywood County, North Carolina; died around 1900, Winston County, Alabama) married Joel Thomas Shelton around 1829 in North Carolina.
         [PC-599] Margaret (Peggy) Shelton (born around 1827, Haywood County, North Carolina; died around 1890, Whitfield County, Georgia) married Jasper Stone on January 11, 1848.
         [PC-600] William Jasper Shelton (born September 27, 1829, Haywood County, North Carolina) married Lettie Forrest Morris on September 15, 1859, in Blount County, Georgia.
         [PC-600A] Artimissa Shelton (born around 1832, North Carolina) married David J. Stovall.
         [PC-601] George Washington Shelton (born around 1834, North Carolina; died around 1912, Kaufman County, Texas) married Mary Ann Morris.
          James Madison Shelton (born around 1836, North Carolina) married Jemima Hooper.
          John Shelton (born around 1856, Mountain Park, Kiowa County, Oklahoma)
         [PC-602] Thomas Jefferson Shelton (born August 12, 1837, North Carolina; died May 13, 1909) married Mary Ann Long.
         [PC-602A] Sarah Elizabeth Shelton (born February 15, 1840, Georgia; died August 8, 1918) married Robert Young Robertson on September 27, 1855, in Dalton County, Georgia.
          Jackson Shelton (born around 1844, Georgia) married Ella Janes.
         [PC-603] Mary Jane Shelton (born June 15, 1845, Georgia; died November 22, 1900) married [PC-490] William Edward Chastain on January 5, 1865.
          Elias Coleman Shelton (born April 15, 1846, Cobb County, Georgia; died February 18, 1926, Kiowa County, Oklahoma) married Mary T. Oden on December 22, 1867, Winston County, Alabama.
          Monroe Shelton (born around 1868, Winston County, Alabama) married Mary Abigail Moore.
           Dolphia T. (Dick) Shelton (born July 4, 1903, Jackson County, Oklahoma; died November 1986, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma) married Ruby Lamb Mead on October 14, 1934, in Tillman County, Oklahoma.
            Richard Lee (Dick) Shelton (born September 7, 1940, Comanche County, Oklahoma; died January 17, 2012, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma) married Dorothy Byrd.
             Richie Shelton (died 1990)
             Endy Shelton married Mike Intrieri.
             Blake Tollison Shelton (born June 18, 1976, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma; country music singer and coach on NBC's "The Voice") married Kaynette Gern on November 17, 2003; married Miranda Leigh Lambert on May 14, 2011, in Kendall County, Texas.
        [PC-180] John Chastain (born June 5, 1820, Georgia) married Rebecca Denton around 1847.
        [PC-181] Tillman P. Chastain (born March 1, 1822, Bogart, Oconee County, Georgia; died 1897, Fannin County, Georgia) married Tabitha Cochran on May 7, 1849, in Gilmer County, Georgia.
        [PC-182] Maxwell Chastain (born April 10, 1823, Fannin County, Goergia; died March 4, 1898, Gilmer County, Georgia) married Martha Elizabeth Davenport on December 7, 1851, in Floyd County, Georgia.
        [PC-183] Elisha Chastain (born March 31, 1825, Bogart, Oconee County, Georgia; died November 29, 1908, Bogart, Oconee County, Georgia) married Parnete Belzora Davenport on July 16, 1848.
         Anna Chastain (born March 21, 1827, Georgia)
        [PC-184] Sarah C. (Sally) Chastain (born January 22, 1829, Georgia; died July 1, 1894, Fannin County, Georgia) married Thomas Didamus German on March 23, 1861.
         Luke Chastain (born January 8, 1831, Georgia) married Caldona Gossett.
         Rhoda T. Chastain (born April 20, 1833, Georgia)
         Martha Chastain (born August 4, 1836, Georgia) married John Free.
        [PC-185] Renny Marion Chastain (born June 24, 1839, Georgia; died January 16, 1916, Fannin County, Georgia) married Rebecca Brown on November 13, 1864.
       [PC-58] Elizabeth Chastain (born around 1777, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Samuel Denton, Jr.
       [PC-59] Cleo (Chloe) Chastain (born around 1779, Buckingham County, Virginia) married John Denton.
       [PC-60] Benjamin Chastain (born July 6, 1780, Washington County, North Carolina; died January 1, 1845, Blue Ridge, Gilmer County, Georgia) married Rebekah Denton.
       Nancy Chastain (born around 1782, Washington County, North Carolina) married John Robinson.
       [PC-61] Joseph Chastain (born around 1783, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Nancy Young around 1801.
       [PC-62] Violet Chastain (born December 17, 1798, Pendleton District, South Carolina) married William Akin around 1815.
       [PC-63] William Chastain (born August 7, 1801, Pendleton District, South Carolina) married Margaret Dobbs around October 1825, in Habersham County, Georgia.
       [PC-64] Mary Lavina Chastain (born August 31, 1803, Pendleton District, South Carolina; died around 1846, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Mr. Bowling; married William B. Shasteen, Sr.; married Samuel Weeks, Jr.
      [PC-16] Abraham Chastain married Mary Robertson.
       daughter (born around 1776)
       [PC-65] Elisha Chastain (born August 1, 1778, Buckingham County, Virginia; died March 1, 1851, Wilson County, Tennessee) married Martha Inman around 1815.
       [PC-66] Emily Chastain (born around 1782) married John Barrett.
       [PC-67] William Chastain (born around 1783, Greenville County, South Carolina; died October 1849, Hall County, Georgia) married Mary West.
       [PC-68] Obedience Chastain (born around 1787, Greenville County, South Carolina) married Mr. Pace.
       [PC-69] Nancy Chastain (born around 1789, Greenville County, South Carolina) married Colonel William Few.
       [PC-70] John Chastain (born around 1790, Greenville County, South Carolina; died around 1864, Hall County, Georgia) married Ann Elrod.
       [PC-71] Elizabeth Chastain (born around 1791, Greenville County, South Carolina) married Christopher Elrod.
       [PC-72] Abraham Chastain, Jr. (born April 28, 1793, Greenville County, South Carolina; died October 23, 1863, Hall County, Georgia; War of 1812 veteran) married Martha Swafford on October 28, 1817; married Harriet D. Wood on July 3, 1853, in Hall County, Georgia.
        [PC-238] William C. Chastain (born April 16, 1820, Hall County, Georgia) married Nancy Mayfield on February 5, 1840, in Hall County, Georgia; married July Ann Chambers on November 27, 1883.
         [PC-755] William Henry Harrison Chastain (born December 12, 1840, Hall County, Georgia; died July 1883) married Mary J. Darnell; married Georgia A. E. Tanner.
          Frances Chastain
          Roda Chastain
          Nancy Chastain
          William S. Chastain (born around 1870, Alabama)
          Eula L. Chastain (born around 1874, Alabama)
          Perino T. Chastain (born around 1877, Alabama)
         [PC-756] Starling Bryant (Jo) Chastain (born March 6, 1842, Hall County, Georgia; died May 25, 1919, Hall County, Georgia) married Frances Elizabeth Robinson on January 25, 1864.
         [PC-757] Elias Elrod Chastain (born October 15, 1843, Georgia) married Malinda J. Bryant on September 10, 1868.
         James Y. (Palmer) Chastain (born February 15, 1845, Georgia)
         Zachariah (Zachary) Taylor Chastain (born February 2, 1847, Georgia)
         Ann Elizabeth Chastain (born January 25, 1849, Georgia)
         John Henry Chastain (born December 25, 1850)
         Perino Brown Chastain (born May 15, 1854, Georgia; died 1920, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma) married Nancy Dockery; married Anna (Annie) Eliza Williams.
          Willard (Millard) Chasteen (born around 1876, Alabama)
          Lillian Chasteen (born around 1877, Alabama)
          William Chasteen (born around 1879, Alabama)
          Florence Chasteen (born April 1884, Alabama)
          Starling Roy Chastain (born August 24, 1892, Carter County, Oklahoma; died November 19, 1974, Santa Clara County, California) married Bertie Ruth Hardwick.
           Norvell Fentem Chastain (born July 16, 1915, Oklahoma; died January 20, 1994, Fresno, California)
           George F. Chastain (born around 1918, Oklahoma)
           Roger Hardwick Chastain (born July 8, 1921, Hughes County, Oklahoma; died June 21, 2010, Carson City, Nevada; World War II veteran) married Hazel McGhee on July 5, 1941, in Washoe County, Nevada.
            Roger A. Chastain (born May 6, 1945, Merced County, California; died April 8, 2003) married Lark D. Lillge on January 28, 1968, in Santa Clara County, California.
             Brandi Denise Chastain (born July 21, 1968, San Jose, California; World Cup winner and Olympic gold medalist with U.S. women's national soccer team) married Jerry Smith.
                Jaden Chastain Smith (born June 8, 2006)
             Chad Chastain married Erin Hussey.
            Charlotte Chastain
            Linda Chastain married Tom Weber.
            Judy Chastain married Mr. Jackson.
           Sterling Roy Chastain (born around 1927, Oklahoma)
          Carrie Chastain (born May 1894, Texas)
          Jesse Chastain (born July 1896, Texas)
          Lester B. (True) Chastain (born March 7, 1900, Direct, Texas; died June 1976) married Gladys A.
           Joyce Chastain (born around 1927)
           Dorothy May Chastain (born March 1930)
          Sam Peck (born May 1884, Texas)
          Mattie Peck (born August 1887, Texas)
         H. B. Chastain (born June 16, 1855)
        Mary Margaret Chastain married Mr. Whitlock.
       [PC-73] Joseph Chastain (born around 1795, Greenville County, South Carolina) married Mary McMillan on January 1, 1831.
       [PC-74] Abner Henley Chastain (born November 23, 1797, Greenville County, South Carolina; died March 9, 1883, Logan County, Arkansas) married Miss Morgan; married Georgia Elrod; married Sylvia Jackson on November 23, 1833, in Hall County, Georgia.
      [PC-17] William Chastain (born around 1744, Goochland County, Virginia; died around 1790 Franklin County, Virginia) married Sara Ellen (Sary) Barnett around 1764 in Albemarle County, Virginia.
       [PC-77] Robert Ransom Chastain (born around 1770, Buckingham County, Virginia; died around 1840, Washington County, Indiana) married Magdalene Moore on September 21, 1791, in Franklin County, Virginia.
        [PC-266] Isaac Chastain (born around 1798, Franklin County, Virginia; died around August 1864, Laclede County, Missouri) married Mary (Polly) Robbins on February 25, 1819, in Indiana.
         [PC-830] John F. Chastain (born around November 1826, Indiana; died August 9, 1905, Laclede County, Missouri) married Mary Ann Pulse on December 11, 1845, in Martin County, Indiana; married Mrs. Mary Hugart on June 13, 1872.
          [PC-2015] George Nathaniel (Nathan) Chastain (born November 12, 1847, Martin County, Indiana; died June 20, 1934, Laclede County, Missouri) married Elizabeth Dame around 1861 in Dallas County, Missouri.
           George Washington (Wash) Chastain (born November 2, 1889, Missouri; died March 14, 1982, Dallas County, Missouri) married Elva Evans on May 6, 1906, in Laclede County, Missouri.
            Ruby Chastain (born around 1907; died around 1928)
            Essie Chastain (born around 1908; died around 1992)
            Roscoe Chastain (born around 1910; died around 1980)
            Mabel Chastain (born around 1914)
            Myrtle Chastain (born around 1919)
            Bert Lowell Chastain (born May 23, 1919, Dallas County, Missouri; died April 1, 1989, Sedgwick County, Kansas) married Irene T. Welch.
             Gary D. Chastain (born around 1941, Sedgwick County, Kansas) married Marilyn Kay Schoonover around 1958 in Sedgwick County, Kansas.
                Denny Doug Chastain
                Jerri Renée Chastain (born December 1959, Kansas) knew Michael Monasterio; married Michael Leroy Hastey.
                  Jessica Michelle Chastain (born March 24, 1977, Sacramento County, California; Golden Globe-winning film actress) married Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo on June 10, 2017, in Villa Tiepolo Passi, Treviso, Italy.
                  Juliet Christina Chastain (born December 13, 1978, Sacramento County, California; died May 20, 2003)
                Jeffery Jay Chastain
             Kerry Chastain (born around 1950, Sedgwick County, Kansas)
            Edith Chastain (born around 1927)
      [PC-18] Rene Chastain (born around 1745, Albemarle County, Virginia; died March 21, 1818, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Rhoda Perrault; married Martha Guerrant.
      [PC-19] James Chastain
      [PC-20] Martha Chastain (born 1750, Albemarle County, Virginia; died Carter County, Tennessee) married James Edens.
      Archer Chastain (born 1753, Goochland County, Virginia)
     Mary Chastain (born 1709, Henrico County, Virginia; died around 1730, Goochland County, Virginia)
     [PC-6] Elizabeth Chastain (born around 1711, Henrico County, Virginia) married David LeSueur.
      David LeSueur (born November 25, 1733, Goochland County, Virginia)
      Catherine LeSueur (born November 12, 1735, Goochland County, Virginia; died December 10 1771) married Robert Thompson around 1769.
      David LeSueur, Jr. (born October 4, 1738, Goochland County, Virginia)
      [PC-21] Jacques (James) LeSueur (born December 25, 1740, Goochland County, Virginia; died 1799, South Carolina) married Susanna Wilkenson.
      [PC-22] Chastain LeSueur (born December 24, 1744, Albemarle County, Virginia; died 1819) married Ann Perrow.
       James LeSueur (born around 1772) married Miss Wilkerson.
        Samuel Wesley LeSueur (born September 17, 1817; died 1870) married Mary Ann Jane LeSueur.
         James Howell LeSueur (born February 17, 1842; died around 1909) married Permelia D. (Amelia) James.
          Thomas E. (Tom) LeSueur (born January 2, 1868; died January 1, 1938) married Anna Bell Johnson.
           Daisy LeSueur (died in childhood)
           Hal Hays LeSueur (born September 3, 1903, San Antonio, Texas; died May 3, 1963, Los Angeles, California; film and TV actor) married Jessie Beryl Burress in 1928; married Kasha Haroldi in 1931 in Santa Ana, California.
            Joan Crawford LeSueur (born December 2, 1933; changed her name to Joan Lowe; Broadway dancer)
           Lucille Fay LeSueur (born March 23, 1905, San Antonio, Texas; died May 10, 1977; changed her name to Joan Crawford; Academy Award-winning film actress) married Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., on June 3, 1929, in New York; married Franchot Tone on October 11, 1935, in New Jersey; married Phillip Terry on July 21, 1942, in Ventura County, California; married Alfred N. Steele on May 10, 1955, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
      [PC-23] Samuel LeSueur (born October 15, 1747, Albemarle County, Virginia) married Martha Bryant.
      [PC-24] Peter LeSueur (born October 23, 1750, Albemarle County, Virginia) married Susan Williams around 1791.
      John LeSueur (born October 23, 1750, Albemarle County, Virginia)
      [PC-25] Fell LeSueur (born around 1755, Albemarle County, Virginia)
      [PC-26] Martell LeSueur (born March 6, 1758, Albemarle County, Virginia; died August 10, 1843, Franklin County, Virginia) married Elizabeth Bacon on June 10, 1781, in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
       John Ludwell LeSueur (born December 12, 1782) married Nancy Timberlake on October 2, 1801.
       Mary (Polly) LeSueur (born January 19, 1784)
       Martha (Patsy) LeSueur (died January 19, 1784)
       Elizabeth LeSueur (born March 15, 1789; died May 27, 1884) married Blackburn Akers on January 10, 1816.
       Lucy LeSueur (born April 9, 1792)
       Moseby LeSueur (born December 2, 1795; died August 28, 1824) married Catherine (Kitty) Goodykoontz on February 16, 1819.
        Martel LeSueur (born May 16, 1821; died around 1900) married Sarah Phlegar on August 3, 1853, in Floyd County, Virginia; married Elizabeth S. Howell Carter on September 1, 1891.
         Emma Catharine LeSueur (born October 26, 1855, Grayson County, Virginia) married Samuel Bowman on April 12, 1877, in Floyd County, Virginia.
          Willie E. Bowman (born around 1878)
         Elbert Joseph LeSueur (born around 1858, Virginia) married Amanda M. Stuart around 1877.
          Clara LeSueur (born around 1879, Virginia)
          Elbert LeSueur (born August 4, 1880) married Walter Smith.
         Nancy A. LeSueur
         Elizabeth Alice LeSueur (born November 6, 1861; died September 9, 1935) married Jonathan Howery around 1877.
         Flora Ann LeSueur (born around 1864, Virginia) married Goliesha A. Van Fleet around 1888.
        George LeSueur (born April 3, 1823; died August 12, 1824)
        James William LeSueur (born April 3, 1823, Franklin County, Virginia; died June 30, 1884) married Nancy Caroline Yearout on January 10, 1850, in Floyd County, Virginia.
         Ella LeSueur (born January 18, 1851; died August 16, 1939) married William G. Turner on March 2, 1870.
          Thomas S. Turner (born December 25, 1870; died March 22, 1889)
          James Harmen Turner (born December 25, 1870; died August 22, 1871)
          Franklin Pierce Turner (born November 16, 1874) married Frances Harvey Cutter in 1932.
          Walter LeSueur Turner (born December 12, 1876) married Paula Alberta Bell on January 16, 1907.
           Walter LeSueur Turner, Jr. (born January 27, 1913; died September 1, 1950) married Margaret Florence Miller on June 14, 1941.
            Diane Lee Turner (born March 15, 1942)
            Susan Carol Turner (born September 17, 1944)
          Nancy Florence Turner (born April 14, 1878; died April 27, 1885)
         Elizabeth (Eliza) LeSueur (born October 11, 1852) married James Asa Sowers.
          Mary Alma Sowers (born June 27, 1879) married Arthur L. Winchester on May 17, 1924.
          Ruby Lee Sowers (born June 27, 1881) married J. T. Akers on June 15, 1919.
          Joseph A. Sowers (born April 8, 1883) married Lucy E. Scott on October 28, 1911.
           Joseph Malcolm Sowers (born July 22, 1912)
           James Scott Sowers (born September 30, 1915)
           Ralph Sowers (born August 23, 1917)
           Lucy Joe Sowers (born August 23, 1917)
          Edwin Frank Sowers (born November 14, 1885) married Pearl Munsey on September 19, 1912.
         Charles William (Charlie) LeSueur (born June 21, 1854; died July 17, 1919) married Eliza McDaniel; married Sue Jones; married Dora Strickland.
          Earnest LeSueur (born September 19, 1881)
          Myrtle LeSueur
          Grace LeSueur (born December 26, 1896) married Richard Collins.
           Ruth Collins (born January 20, 1916) married John A. Parker.
           Florence Geneva Collins (born September 20, 1918) married James M. Reynolds.
           Gladys Lee Collins (born January 17, 1921) married Walter Krugur.
           Mary Louise Collins married Charles Edmond Bond.
           Jeanette Collins (born October 13, 1925) married Claude H. Cunningham.
           Barbara Ann Collins (born April 19, 1933) married Herbert Leon Combs.
          Edgar Dewey LeSueur (born April 17, 1898; died September 1, 1970) married Effie Mae Holloway.
           Edgar Eugene LeSueur (born April 4, 1934) married Charlotte Imogene Utsman.
            Edgar LeSueur (born November 7, 1957) married Brenda K. Bacon.
            Tammy Renée LeSueur (born March 9, 1969)
           Robert Edward LeSueur (born March 24, 1936) married Carolyn Josephine Broyles on August 7, 1959.
            Robert Brett LeSueur (born May 28, 1961) married Terry Lynn Prince.
            Gena K. LeSueur (born November 16, 1963)
            Derrick Todd LeSueur (born January 6, 1966)
            Gail Cherie LeSueur (born March 28, 1969)
          Harry LeSueur (born May 15, 1900) married Bertie Fink on January 10, 1924.
           Harry LeSueur, Jr. (born September 21, 1925) married Alice Stead; married Janet May Kennor.
            Nancy LeSueur
           James Edward LeSueur (born November 30, 1926) married Pearl A. Walker on February 15, 1952.
            Sherry Bernadett LeSueur (born December 5, 1953)
            James Edward LeSueur, Jr. (born August 9, 1957)
            Timothy Scott LeSueur (born March 7, 1964)
           Martha Carolyne LeSueur (born August 8, 1928) married William H. Maple.
            Linda Maple
            Gary Maple
           Elizabeth LeSueur (died in childhood)
           Charles Scott LeSueur (born February 13, 1945) married Judith Ann Strickland; married Juanita Faye Johnson.
            Sandra LeSueur (born December 8, 1964)
            Deborah Ann LeSueur (born August 9, 1966)
            Kimberly Ann LeSueur (born May 7, 1970)
            Elizabeth Brooke LeSueur (born August 31, 1981)
          Charles F. LeSueur (born December 18, 1902) married Roberta.
          Louise Nancy LeSueur (born September 15, 1905, Johnson City, Tennessee) married Eugene Duncan Bass on November 6, 1927.
           Eugene Duncan Bass, Jr. (born December 2, 1938, Johnson City, Tennessee; died March 8, 2000, Knox County, Tennessee) married Pam Folley; married Annette DeNobrega.
            Stephan Louise Bass (born April 7, 1966)
            Angela Jean Bass (born April 17, 1968)
            Amy Duncan Bass (born September 8, 1975)
            Justin Randolph Bass (born December 23, 1981, Washington; died August 19, 2013, Jefferson County, Tennessee) married Season Nichole Burpitt on August 6, 2005.
             Parks Emerson Bass (born June 2, 2009, Tennessee)
             Aspen Bass (born March 27, 2012, Tennessee)
            Nathan Eugene Bass (born January 28, 1983) married Jessica Blazewicz on November 6, 2004.
             Lola Stefania Bass (born May 26, 2012, Tennessee)
             Quinn Iris Bass (born May 29, 2015, Knox County, Tennessee)
          Ray Dayton LeSueur (born July 23, 1907) married Debbie Morelock.
           Ray Dayton LeSueur (born November 22, 1927) married Betty Anderson; married Ella Mae Ketron; married Mildred Dulaney.
            Joe David LeSueur
            Brenda LeSueur (born August 21, 1950) married Gene Wishon.
            Linda LeSueur (born November 4, 1951) married James L. Ayers.
            Larry LeSueur (born August 6, 1953) married Jolene Ashworts.
             Larry LeSueur, Jr.
            Wayne LeSueur (born August 19, 1960)
            Carl LeSueur (born February 23, 1964) married Sandra Jennings.
             Jason LeSueur
             Crystal LeSueur
             Carl LeSueur
            Aaron LeSueur (born December 6, 1966)
            Jae LeSueur
           Andy LeSueur (died in childhood)
           Betty LeSueur (died in childhood)
         John Robert LeSueur (born March 22, 1858) married Emma Whitt on October 25, 1882.
          James William LeSueur (born March 21, 1886; died September 4, 1887)
         Catherine Caroline (Kitty) LeSueur (born February 4, 1860; died December 5, 1936) married Alfred Shell on March 15, 1886.
          Virginia Lucille Shell (born February 27, 1889) married Joe C. Brummett on March 9, 1909.
           Mary Louise Brummett (born April 16, 1916; died May 18, 1937)
          Nancy Caroline Shell (born January 19, 1891; died 1901)
          Willard Graham Shell (born June 4, 1893; died August 31, 1938)
          Alexander Lee (Alic) Shell (born December 25, 1894) married Grace Grindstaff on April 29, 1917.
         Virginia Victoria (Jinnie) LeSueur (born February 2, 1862) married Rambo West in 1901.
         James Thomas LeSueur (born December 2, 1863)
         Harvey (Henry) Crocket LeSueur (born November 10, 1865; died August 28, 1922) married Arabella (Mae) Hall.
          Marvin Edward LeSueur (born October 12, 1894, Montgomery County, Virginia) married Katherine DeGroat.
          Homer Crockett LeSueur (born December 10, 1896, Montgomery County, Virginia; died June 1986, Montgomery County, Virginia) married Jennie Phillipps on December 1, 1931.
          Frank Baker LeSueur (born April 17, 1899, Montgomery County, Virginia; died March 1982, Bristol County, Virginia) married Grace Virginia Gray on June 10, 1929.
           Frank Gray LeSueur married Cheryl.
          Clintwood (Clinton) LeSueur (born October 5, 1901, Virginia; died May 13, 1921, New Mexico)
          Ella Mae LeSueur (born October 14, 1905, Virginia) married Lawrence Quarles on July 14, 1929.
          Robert Guy LeSueur (born July 3, 1908, Virginia) married Irene Dahl.
         Edwin F. LeSueur (born around 1868)
         Foster (LaFoster) LeSueur (born March 17, 1869)
         Lucy LeSueur (born July 27, 1871; died December 8, 1951) married George Everett Weaver; married J. G. Adams.
          Eula Weaver married W. Kyle Cregger.
           Virginia Lucille Cregger
        Adeline LeSueur (born April 3, 1823; died in childhood)
       James Washington LeSueur (born October 15, 1798) married Rebecca Goodykoontz on August 16, 1826.
        Elizabeth Jane LeSueur (born around 1827; died December 24, 1907) married Gabriel Prillaman on April 9, 1857.
         Exena Prillaman (born around 1862)
         Enoch Prillaman (born around 1868; died around 1916)
         Martha Prillaman (born around 1869; died around 1870)
        Mary F. LeSueur (born March 5, 1827; died November 15, 1893) married David (Big Dave) Prillaman on January 8, 1856.
         Ellen Prillaman (born around 1858) married William D. Shumate.
          Mary Sue Shumate
         John W. Prillaman (born July 13, 1860; died June 6, 1935) married Nancy J. Prillaman.
          James Walter Prillaman (born around 1884; died around 1955)
          Nannie Rebecca Prillaman (born around 1887; died around 1889)
          Ray Claiborne Prillaman (born around 1889; died around 1889)
         Nathaniel Bacon Prillaman (born March 30, 1863; died May 11, 1951) married Mary Lize Ingram on December 27, 1905.
          Bess Prillaman
          John Grayson Prillaman (died around 1969)
         James M. Prillaman (born June 1, 1866) married Betty Shumate.
          Naomi Prillaman
          Clay Prillaman
          Alma Prillaman
          Annie Prillaman
          Samuel Fred (Freddie) Prillaman (born around 1901; died around 1980)
          Coy Prillaman
          Mattie Prillaman
         George Martell Prillaman (born December 22, 1868; died February 8, 1945) married Sally Jane Eggleton.
          Newsom Clifford Prillaman (born around 1895; died around 1973)
          Jocie Irene Prillaman (born around 1917)
        John G. LeSueur (born around 1834)
        George LeSueur (born around 1836)
        Ann E. LeSueur (born around 1838)
        Nancy A. LeSueur (born around 1841)
        Catherine S. LeSueur (born around 1845)
        Dorothy B. LeSueur (born around 1845)
       Catherine Sally LeSueur (born April 8, 1800) married Mr. Bolling.
       Dorothy Bacon LeSueur (born October 21, 1802)
       Bacon LeSueur (born March 17, 1805) married Exorey Ingram.
     [PC-7] Rene Chastain (born around 1713, Henrico County, Virginia; died 1786, Abbeville County, South Carolina) married Judith Martin Gevedon.
      Isaac Chastain (born March 15, 1733/34, Goochland County, Virginia)
      [PC-27] Peter Chastain (born November 6, 1736, Goochland County, Virginia; Revolutionary War veteran) married Sarah Porter around 1763; married Elizabeth (Betty) Howel around 1774 in Virginia.
       [PC-100] John Chastain (born around 1765, Virginia; died around 1837, Abbeville County, South Carolina) married Frances Cain around 1795.
       Judith Chastain (born around 1767, Virginia)
       Sarah Chastain married Thomas D. Harvey.
       [PC-101] James Chastain (born around 1774, Virginia) married Sarah Morgan on September 28, 1796, in Warren County, Georgia.
       Blassingame Chastain (War of 1812 veteran)
       William H. Chastain (born around 1780, South Carolina; War of 1812 veteran)
       Thomas M. Chastain
       [PC-102] Renny Chastain (born around 1792, South Carolina) married Martha (Patsy) Page.
        [PC-356] Solomon Chastain (born around 1813, South Carolina; died around 1895, Thomas County, Georgia) married Sarah Ann Horton.
        George Franklin Chastain (born around 1816, Thomas County, Georgia) married Rebecca Scoggins.
        Joseph D. Chastain (born around 1825) married Sarah Myrick.
        [PC-357] John Martin Chastain (born December 20, 1826, Thomas County, Georgia; died January 28, 1907, Thomas County, Georgia; Civil War veteran) married Mary Ann Carlton.
         [PC-1010] Thomas Wright Chastain (born April 4, 1849, Thomas County, Georgia; died around 1916, Seffner, Hillsborough County, Florida) married Mahulda Kennedy McCown on December 11, 1866, in Thomas County, Georgia.
         Martha Chastain (born October 1, 1851, Thomas County, Georgia; died July 2, 1931, Thomas County, Georgia) married Thomas Massey.
         [PC-1011] Renny Robert Chastain (born February 16, 1853, Thomas County, Georgia; died July 25, 1932, Thomas County, Georgia) knew Alice Jones; married Emily Etta Jones on October 26, 1884; married Laney Levaney White on December 15, 1901.
          [PC-2521] Artice Young (Dixie) Chastain (son of Alice Jones; born February 14, 1876, Thomas County, Georgia; died April 27, 1954, Thomas County, Georgia) married Lela Fowler Collier on August 14, 1896.
           Artice Boaz Chastain (born August 31, 1897, Georgia; died April 2, 1990, Seffner, Hillsborough County, Florida) married Carrie Eunice Drew.
           Leetha Louise Chastain (born June 15, 1899, Georgia; died December 12, 1992, Indian River County, Florida) married Richard Israel Brown.
           Vicey Ileen Chastain (born January 9, 1901, Georgia; died July 9, 1965, Punta Gorda, Charlotte County, Florida) married Harry Mack; married John D. Flowers.
            Harold R. Mack (born February 23, 1926, Florida; died August 13, 1992, Charlotte County, Florida)
           Lee Roy Chastain (born June 28, 1901, Georgia; died February 11, 1966, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan) married Doris Geneva Race.
           John Rainey Chastain (born October 4, 1905, Georgia; died February 15, 1983, Thomasville, Thomas County, Georgia) married Ann Laura "Annie" Dixon.
           Thelma Inez Chastain (born November 20, 1907, Pine Park, Grady County, Georgia; died April 5, 1990, Ochlocknee, Thomas County, Georgia) married Mr. Crew.
           Thomas Cicero Chastain (born September 19, 1910, Thomas County, Georgia; died May 13, 1996, Thomasville, Thomas County, Georgia) married Grace Elizabeth Barlow on August 25, 1934, in Georgia.
            Thomas J. Chastain married Mary Alice Sheffield on July 18, 1960, in Frostproof, Polk County, Florida.
             Donna Chastain
             Deborah Chastain
             Mat Thomas Chastain (born around 1969; died 1969, Florida)
             Sheila M. Chastain (born October 1, 1972, Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida) married Bill Cassa on June 15, 1996.
             Jay Chastain
            Carlee (Dick) Chastain (born July 18, 1937) married Janie Rebecca (Becky) Francis in July 1960 in Andalusia, Covington County, Alabama.
             Carla Jane Chastain married Douglas Eugene Miller on June 25, 1983, in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida.
                Adopted children:
                Douglas Eugene (Trey) Miller, III
                Myra Bell Miller
                Patricia Kathrain Miller
                Travis Wade Miller
                Summer Grace Miller
             Ralph Lee Chastain (born around 1963) married Susan Celeste Prevatt on July 2, 1988, in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida.
                Ross Chastain (born December 4, 1992, Lee County, Florida; NASCAR driver)
                Chad Chastain
             Richard Scott (Rich) Chastain married Ronda Lynae Eash on July 20, 1991, in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida.
                Adopted children:
                Matthew Chastain
                Rachel Deann Chastain (born May 15, 1987) married Mr. Syngo.
                Kaiden Chastain
                Judson Thomas Chastain
            Carolyn Chastain married Burt Wyndon Rountree on April 26, 1959, in Punta Gorda, Charlotte County, Florida.
             Wynn Rountree
             Gina Rountree
           Eva Merle Chastain (born June 21, 1912, Georgia; died July 30, 1913, Georgia)
           Robert Eugene Chastain (born June 21, 1914, Georgia; died July 19, 1975, Thomasville, Thomas County, Georgia)
           Wayne Chastain (born December 4, 1915, Georgia; died May 15, 1916, Georgia)
           Wilbert Chastain (born December 4, 1915, Georgia; died May 15, 1916, Georgia)
           Louie Otto Chastain (born August 5, 1917, Georgia; died September 2, 1971, Gwinett County, Georgia)
           Willie Howell Chastain (born April 21, 1920, Georgia; died January 21, 2000, Thomas County, Georgia) married Ann Larue Brooks.
            Denise Chastain
           Albert Young Chastain (born June 6, 1923, Georgia; died November 26, 2001, Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia) married Mary Lounette Sherrod.
          Ollie Chastain (born around 1884, Thomas County, Georgia; died around 1885)
          John Roscoe Chastain (born May 2, 1885, Thomas County, Georgia; died July 15, 1943) married Mamie Gore.
          Andrew Haywood Chastain (born November 11, 1888, Thomas County, Georgia; died December 11, 1941) married Mattie Mae Shepherd on December 25, 1907.
          Ivy Norman Chastain (born November 11, 1888, Thomas County, Georgia; died March 1932) married Elsie Chastain.
          Emery Marvin Chastain (born November 11, 1888, Thomas County, Georgia; died July 1935) married Bernice Venters on March 6, 1911.
          Robert Earl Chastain (born September 19, 1890, Thomas County, Georgia) married Annie Lee Rooks on December 19, 1917.
          Carlee Chastain (born March 10, 1892, Thomas County, Georgia; died June 25, 1941, Thomas County, Georgia) married Mittie West.
          Annie Lester Chastain (born May 21, 1893, Thomas County, Georgia; died December 4, 1958) married Jasper Claud Davis on May 27, 1917.
          Harvey Lambert Chastain (born August 1895, Thomas County, Georgia; died February 15, 1966) married Gladys Stanaland on June 30, 1920.
          Myrtis Alena Chastain (born January 20, 1898, Thomas County, Georgia) married Raymond Roland Floyd on April 11, 1920.
         Ada Adelene Chastain (born September 2, 1855, Thomas County, Georgia; died May 12, 1920) married Henry Jones.
         [PC-1012] John Albert Chastain (born April 7, 1857, Thomas County, Georgia; died January 27, 1939, Thomas County, Georgia) married Netta Frances Chastain on January 26, 1897.
         Michael Priscilla Chastain (born January 22, 1861, Thomas County, Georgia) married C. M. Jones.
         Solomon David Chastain (born October 15, 1863, Thomas County, Georgia; died December 9, 1936, Thomas County, Georgia) married Mary Catherine McGraw.
         [PC-1012A] Nancy Alice Chastain (born January 16, 1867, Thomas County, Georgia; died January 21, 1950, Thomas County, Georgia) married Washington Lafayette (Fate) Hancock on June 19, 1887, in Thomas County, Georgia.
         Della Chastain (born March 7, 1871, Thomas County, Georgia; died September 24, 1948, Thomas County, Georgia) married Allen Moreland.
        Elizabeth Chastain
        Renny Chastain (born around 1834; died around 1880, Thomas County, Georgia) married Mary Carter.
       Peter Chastain (born around 1795, South Carolina; died around 1852, Florida)
      [PC-28] Marianne Chastain (born May 17, 1738, Goochland County, Virginia) married Charles McKinney.
      [PC-29] Rene Chastain, Jr. (born June 30, 1741, Goochland County, Virginia; died 1823, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Mary Ann Faure.
      [PC-30] Judith Chastain (born around 1745, Virginia) married Mr. Winfree; married (common-law) Robert Lamar.
     Janne Chastain (born around 1716, Henrico County, Virginia; died January 12, 1723, Henrico County, Virginia)
     [PC-8] Marie Magdalene Chastain (born around 1720, Henrico County, Virginia; died Buckingham County, Virginia) married Guillaume Salle around 1740 in Goochland County, Virginia.
      Isaac Salle (born April 22, 1741, Goochland County, Virginia)
      [PC-31] Pierre Salle (born July 13, 1743, Goochland County, Virginia) married Charity Van Winkle.
      Jean Salle (born November 2, 1745, Goochland County, Virginia)
      [PC-32] Oliver Salle (born November 5, 1749, Goochland County, Virginia; died around 1830, Mercer County, Kentucky) married Sarah Johnson.
      Jacob Salle (born around 1751, Goochland County, Virginia)
      Abraham Salle (born around 1753, Goochland County, Virginia)
      George Salle (born around 1755, Goochland County, Virginia)
      Stephen Salle (born 1764, Goochland County, Virginia; settled in Madison County, Kentucky)
    Jean Chastain (born August 10, 1661)
    Marie Chastain (baptized February 3, 1664)
    Marie Chastain (baptized February 27, 1667)
   Jacques Chastain
   Jean Chastain married Jacqueline Breton in 1667.
   Marie Chastain (born around 1644) married Jean Demesne in 1682.
   Moise Chastain (born around 1647) married Jeanne Trumeau in 1675.

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