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    Sublett Family Association

    Soblet • Sublet • Sublett • Sublette


    Here are links to the major branches of the Soblet / Sublett / Sublette family tree. If you are not sure which branch your family is in, use the search form below to find a name (surround exact multi-word searches in "quotes"). See also the Genealogy section for more resources to find lost relatives. More instructions are at the bottom of this page.

    Notes on family tree charts:
    • To search all the charts for a specific name, date, or place, use the above search form. Try searching for only one word at a time, and try variant spellings. Do not search for Sublett or related surnames -- Most individuals on the family tree have the same surname, so a surname search may return too many results. Use first or middle names, or the names of spouses.

      Once you find a match in a specific chart, click on the link to that chart. After the page loads, you can search within the page for the line containing a specific name or word in most browsers (Netscape, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer), by pressing [Control-F] (or [Command-F] on a Macintosh), and a search dialog window should pop up. Once your search has found the first match, you can press [Control-G] (or [Command-G]) to jump to the next matching word on the page. Other browsers may have a "Search on this page" feature available from a pull-down menu.
    • Individuals on the family trees with numbers before their names are documented in Cameron Allen's book "The Sublett (Soblet) Family of Manakintown, King William Parish, Virginia" (see the Family Books section). In the Jacques Soblet chart, individuals with letters before their names are listed in Donald J. Sublette's book "James Sublett & Sally Ford." Numbered individuals on the Anne Soblet and Pierre Chastain chart are documented in the books "Pierre Chastain and His Descendants," Volumes I & II.
    • The chart of Abraham Soblet's French ancestors and German and Dutch cousins contains information compiled by Cameron Allen, Donald Jackson Sublette, and Anthony Hofstee.
    • These family charts are based on documents, books, magazines, and second-hand family records contributed by hundreds of individuals; as such, this is not an official historical document, just a graphical representation of the family according to available information. Anyone with additions or corrections to the family tree (including names, dates, locations, etc.), please contact Phillip L. Sublett.

    Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
    Contact Phillip L. Sublett. + +